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Athletic Forms

All students must have the following documents to participate and tryout for athletic teams:

Home Education Students Also Need: 

FHSAA Registration Form for Home Education Student EL7      Must be notarized

FHSAA Home Education Student Eligibility For Interscholastic Activities

FHSAA Education Registration Verification EL7V    Must be stamped by the district's Home Education Office

FHSAA Home Education Student Academic Progress Report EL9

Non-Member Schools Also Need:

FHSAA Registration Form for Non-Member Private School Students EL12

FHSAA Verification Form for Non-Member Private School Students EL12V

FHSAA Verification of Student Controlled Open Enrollment  Option with Public School District  EL14

Recruiting Policy Affidavit GA04

This form only needs to be done once for each change of schools or change in participation as a "Non-Tradional" student at a member school. This form is not required for students entering from a terminating grade school ( i.e. 8th grade to 9th grade).

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